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I have recently fallen head-over-heels for S.H.I.E.L.D., and would love to get turned on to some good fic, but I'm having a hard time finding any. Most of what I'm finding over at AO3 is Coulson/Skye, which I'm not at all into.

I'm interested in character pieces. I would especially love to see stories about Ward and his brother as children, but I'll take what I can get. Coulson strikes me more as a father figure to Skye than a lover, which is why I'm not really into that pairing.

Any and all suggestions welcomed!
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Do any of you read The Mary Sue? It's a website with a feminist perspective on fandom.

They posted this interesting article yesterday, On the Fetishization of Gay Men by Women in the Slash Community. But what was really great was the comment section--some really interesting, thoughtful discussions of slash by all sorts of fans. (In which I participated. Don't hate me!)
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I'm doing a Stargate Atlantis re-watch, and just watched "Miller's Crossing," which was almost very good. The problem was just one scene, in which Jeannie asks Rodney if he's asked Katie to marry him yet. When he says no, she says

"Why not? You think someone better's going to come along?" Then she goes on to tell him that he's not getting any younger and that it's practically a miracle he found anyone who would put up with him at all. Finally, she insults his looks. "You're no John Sheppard."

And as I'm watching this I'm thinking, I know this is meant to be humorous, but I don't find this funny. This is kind of horrible. This is kind of making me hate Jeannie. If Rodney grew up with this kind of self-esteem assassination, it's no wonder he's the nervous, self-hating wreck he is. (As I watched him torture himself during "Grace Under Pressure," I found myself wondering what his parents had done to him to make him this way.)

I'm sort of stunned to read old fan reviews praising this episode to the sky, and especially singling out Rodney and Jeannie's rapport. This one scene ruined the rest for me.

I couldn't help wondering what viewers would have thought of this scene if Jeannie (or anyone) had been speaking to a woman. "This is your LAST CHANCE! etc." People would have derided it as sexist. So why is it okay to say this to Rodney?
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I just "updated" (ha!) my iPhone firmware and backed it up to my Mac, and all the ipubs I'd downloaded from Archive of Our Own since September are GONE.

Fucking Apple.


Apr. 6th, 2014 12:51 pm
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I'm almost caught up on Arrow, and really enjoying it. David Nykl continues to be awesome, but they are not putting his name in the opening credits. Why??? This is pissing me off.
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No, Sheppard, don't go in there! Don't go in there! Dammit. He always goes in there.

1. The first few minutes (minutes for us, two days for him) of Sheppard being stuck inside the time dilation field are pretty painful. I hate it that he thinks his team has forgotten him. So much angst!

2. Joe Flanigan is really good in this one. He doesn't rely so much on his usual acting tics of ducking his head, licking his lips, and shifting his eyes, which, though adorable at first, become a bit tedious after awhile.

3. Rodney comparing Ronon and Teyla to Conan and Xena. My reaction: 1- Ha! 2- ::cringe:: 3- Hey wait, Ronon really IS Conan now!


Mar. 22nd, 2014 05:21 pm
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How hard is it to upload a story to AO3?

I ask because I'm wondering if I could volunteer to upload some of my favorite SGA fanfic by authors who have AO3 accounts but have not uploaded all their stories--maybe because the stories are old or they're not into the fandom anymore, whatever.

I wonder if people would be receptive to this offer?
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I've gotten back into SGA recently and am reminded and amazed by the wonderfulness of the fanfic created in that fandom. There is something there for every taste--and by "something" I mean "a lot." The vastness of the fanfic posted is overwhelming and breathtaking. It really is a wonder.

Thanks to Dreamwidth community Fancake, which I recently joined, for reminding me of this.
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Does "They Keep Killing Suzie" make any sense to people? Here are some enormous problems I have with it:

1. If that guy Max was a "Trojan horse" who Suzie set up to infiltrate Torchwood, force them to bring her back to life, and then repeat Emily Dickinson until they went into lockdown, how on earth was she able to control *when* they went into lockdown? It had to happen at the precise moment when Suzie and Gwen were heading away, but the rest of the gang hadn't yet noticed their disappearance.

2. Max has to repeat "Because I could not stop for death…" a hundred times for them to go into lockdown, but they only have to say the ISBN once in order to reverse lockdown?

3. How could Suzie have known beforehand that they'd be able to keep her alive for more than two minutes? Or did she do all this for just two more minutes of life??

4. Deep, meaningful look of --- what? --- between Jack and Gwen when he comes back into the Hub and sees her sitting there, all revived and healthy and shit.

5. The famous stopwatch scene between Jack and Ianto. I want to like this scene, I really do. But it's so weird. Ianto propositions Jack over Suzie's dead body, as he's filling out some sort of intake form or death certificate? And Jack responds by laughing too hard. Not seductively. Not flirty. The scene seems sort of hamfisted and not in any way sexy (to me). And it comes right after the Look of Deep Meaning between Jack and Gwen.

I don't understand this show. And yet I keep watching.

(p.s. I am watching Rome right now and the actress who played Suzie is on it. She is brilliant. I wish we'd gotten to see more of her as Suzie.)
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I'm trying to understand why Jack/Ianto is such a popular fandom pairing, and Jack/Doctor is not. It seems clear to me that while Jack cares about many people, including Ianto and Gwen, he is in love with the Doctor.

In "Day One," when sex-crazed Carys shoots up the Hub, all Jack cares about is the Doctor's hand, which he had been preserving in some sort of small water tank. He does not chase Carys, but stops everything, holding the hand tenderly, and then finding some other container for it.

In "End of Days," at the end of the episode Gwen says that they all had hallucinated seeing loved ones, getting them to open the rift. When Gwen asks Jack if he saw anyone, he says, "No one." When she asks if anyone could have come to him and gotten him to open the rift, he says, "A different kind of Doctor," with a faraway look in his eyes. Then the Tardis comes and carries him off.

I mean, come on, people. That's LOVE. Why is there so little fanfic??

Fan Post

Dec. 1st, 2013 11:07 pm
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I have just discovered Torchwood, where the crack is canon.


Nov. 10th, 2013 09:55 pm
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So I'm really disappointed that so far I haven't come across a single Dr. Who fic in which his sonic screwdriver is used as a sex toy.

Fandom, you're letting me down!
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So I've gotten back into Dr. Who and was recently completely sucked in to the second half of Series 3, and now I am desperate to find any Jack Harkness/tenth doctor fanfic that's out there.

Good fic, of course.

Any suggestions welcome!
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Just recently saw Maurice, starring Hugh Grant, James Wilby, and a young and delicious Rupert Graves. I was hoping there'd be gobs and gobs of Maurice/Alec fanfic out there, as I want to read all about happily ever after, but there doesn't seem to be much. Sob.
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So I was watching Argo the other night and during one scene, Diefenbaker (sp?) is mentioned--the prime minister, not the dog, but it reminded me of Due South and made me want to watch some episodes and read some fanfic. But Lo! I discovered I had deleted all my old files! Now I have looked on Livejournal and discovered that the two communities I used to go to for all my downloading needs are gone. So where can I get me some Due South? It does not seem to be available for streaming on Netflix or Amazon, and I don't really want to buy the dvd's.

In the meantime, I am re-reading Cesperanza's "Four Virtues" and enjoying it tremendously.
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I am re-watching Sports Night as a corrective to The Newsroom, which I can't stop watching despite its badness. I'm enjoying Sports Night tremendously and am surprised at how slashy it is (something I didn't pick up on the first time around). I know someone either here or on LiveJournal used to post occasionally about Sports Night slash fic, so if anyone can point me to a person or community, that would be awesome.


Jul. 18th, 2012 02:26 pm
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So I wonder if any of my fandom friends have been following this at all.


An off-broadway show that recently closed (and that I was lucky enough to see) called 3C was very much (no, not "loosely" at all) based on the hit '70s sitcom Three's Company. Now the copyright owners are giving the playwright grief about it, and he's agreed not to publish his script and not to allow any future productions of the play.

In the play, the characters of Three's Company (with slightly different names but clearly, recognizably those characters) are given deeper, richer characters while acting out a slightly altered version of the pilot episode. I really enjoyed it, and as I was watching it I was thinking, "This is fan fiction!"

I hope something is done to keep the play alive, even if only in script form.
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I've been catching up on Leverage episodes lately, and I must say I am really impressed with this most recent season. I was a Jim Hutton/Ellery Queen fan (yes, I'm old) so "The Ten Li'l Grifters Job" made me very happy, and then, wow, "The Van Gogh Job," a real departure from form, and now this indescribably delightful mash-up of The Office and Werner Herzog. I am a happy little fangirl.

Trying to find good Leverage fics; please rec if you know of any.
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Found some really good Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy fanfic here:

The Spy Who Got What He Deserved, If Not What He Wanted

It's basically a character exploration of Peter Guillam based on the movie, but it also works in stuff from the book, and it's really good. The author has captured Le Carre's voice very nicely, and I love the backstory she's created for Guillam.

Also, her tags are funny.

(P.S. even though the story is tagged Peter Guillam/Ricki Tarr, it's really not.)
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That was a near-perfect episode of White Collar, with just one tiny little flaw that I'm not even going to mention. I'm just so grateful that the "Nazi loot" story line is done.

Favorite line: )
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